SRD Status Check get you an insight into SRD Status Check, and R350 application. If you are not sure about the application process or have any confusion regarding SASSA SRD grants we have got you covered.

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SASSA is motivated to furnish poverty-stricken residents of South Africa with financial support for roughly six months. The citizens who lie below the poverty line or are currently unemployed are eligible to apply for aid from the South African Social Security Agency. The program is titled Social Relief of Distress Grants (SRD).

Do you lack a source of income and wonder how to apply for a SASSA SRD grant? You can apply for the grant by simply filling in the required information in the application form available on https // /sc19/application.

SRD Status Check Online

After you apply for the grant, you need to keep a check on your application status. You are liable to keep track of your application through the Sassa status check online service.

Sassa Status Check for R350 Payment Dates

There are multiple methods that one can deploy to check the application status. However, below are a few of the methods that the applicants may use to access information regarding their application proceedings.

How to Check Sassa Status?

  1. Fill out the form to apply for the SASSA R350 grant.
  2. Click on "Submit" under the forum status tab.
  3. You will be redirected to the SASSA Status Page.
  4. You will be asked to add your ID and Phone number.
  5. Click/Tap on the submit button.
  6. After the submission of your personal information, your SASSA SRD status will appear on the screen.
  7. The monthly payment details can be accessed through an application status check online.
SRD Status Check Online

Also, you can visit the official site https // /sc19/application or to check the status online of your applications.

On the other hand, you can also check your SASSA online application status via WhatsApp. You can get your information by sending your request to 082 046 8553. The toll-free number is 0800 60 1011. Before you call, make sure you have your ID in hand and that the WhatsApp number you are calling through is the one you registered for the grant. The call center provides applicants to communicate in their own language. Although, if the staff that can speak your local language is not available, you will either have to wait or phrase in their language.

However, if you face an issue while checking your application status, it might be because SASSA SRD grant dates have been extended. According to the official website, the special cycle of COVID-19 SRD grant dates is extended to mid of June, which was initially expected to be in April. Some of the applicants’ grants were blocked, and they could not access their online status. To assure these applicants, the official website released the following statement:

SASSA Payments Dates for the new cycle of the special SRD grant (from April 2024) will be paid as of mid-June 2024.

SASSA will continue paying these applicants and clear all the backlogs.

The arrears will be paid to the applicants month by month and not collectively. The pending payments will be covered by reimbursing the applicants twice a month. The multiple reimbursements per month will continue until all the pending payments are cleared.

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Expected Results of SASSA Status Check for R350

After you have applied for the grants and reached the status check webpage, there are certain results that the applicants may encounter. It is necessary that the applicants understand what the status really means. Here are the expected results that you should know their meanings:

Application Complete

The “Application Complete” note means that your information has been verified and all the required data has been collected. When your application is complete, it means you will get the grant every month.

Pending Bank Details

This memo implies that your application has been approved, but there is a gap in the application form from your side. It means you have not selected any payment method. The payment options include cash delivery and banks. If you choose a bank as your payment method, you must provide your Bank account details; otherwise, the SASSA Status check for R350 will show Pending Bank Details as your application status.

Reapplication Pending

SASSA continues to provide financial support to its citizens even after COVI-19. However, one thing the citizens are liable to do is reapply for the grant. The Reapplication Pending means you have not provided your personal information and have not applied for the grant after the COVID-19 period.

Period Pending

This memo refers to the situation where the reapplication was submitted by the applicant, but it has not yet been verified by the authorities. The applicant can keep checking the status until the application is completed by the authorities.

Period Approved

When the period is approved, it means your application for a grant has been approved but only for a certain period which the website will mention along with the status. The applicants can check their payment reimbursement dates available on the webpage. If the date is not mentioned, it means SASSA has not yet processed your grant.

Period Declined

This memo means your application for the grant has been declined for the mentioned period. You will not be paid for the specific time period as mentioned on the webpage. Furthermore, the status will also show the reason for declining your request for the grant. SASSA provides the applicant with a chance to reapply or appeal for reconsideration. The time period for reconsideration request is within 30 days starting from the moment you receive the period of decline status for your application. Some of the reasons for your period decline status include:

  1. Identification of any income source
  2. UIF registration
  3. Debtor
  4. Identity verification failure
  5. NSFAS registration
  6. Canceled Grant

SRD SASSA Grants Types

Social relief of distress is a temporary source of financially assisting the residents of South Africa who are in dire need of the grant to afford basic needs. There are certain categories structured according to the group of people that one can apply for. These are:

Older Person’s Grants

If you are a retiree and have no income source to support your life needs, you can apply for the SASSA SRD grant. Senior citizens with ages above 60 years are eligible to apply for the grant. Previously, it was termed the Old age pension. The citizens of South Africa that are older than 60 years and earn no more than R86 280 when single and R172 560 when married can apply for the grant. Furthermore, the applicant must not possess assets worth more than 1 227 600 if the applicant is single and R2 455 200 if married.

The maximum amount of the grant that the applicant age 60 or more will get is R1980 per month. However, if you are older than 75 years, you will be paid 2000 Rands per month.

Child Support Grant

This grant is reimbursed to the caretaker of the child. If the caretaker cannot afford to look after the kid and fulfill their basic needs, they can apply for a Child support grant. The applicant must be the child’s primary caretaker, like parents, grandparents, and siblings. If you are not their parents, you need to submit an affidavit from a police official or biological parents or a letter from the principal of the school the child is attending or has attended. If you are willing to apply for the grant, the child must be younger than 18 years. You cannot get this grant awarded for over six children who are not your biological children or legally adopted ones. The government will award R 480 per child every month.

Care Dependency Grant

This grant is awarded to the caretakers of specially-abled children who need 24/7 special care. This grant covers specially-abled kids from the day they are born till they turn 18 years old. To apply for this grant, you must be the children’s biological or foster parent or a primary caretaker. Primary caretakers who are single are not expected to earn more than R223 200 per year if they intend to apply for the grant. For the married primary caretakers, the income limit per year is R446 400 as the eligibility criteria.


When you are already getting one of these social grants, and you are unable to take care of yourself because of your mental or physical disability, you can apply for the grant.

Foster Child Grant

You can apply for the foster child who is in your custody as ordered by the court. If you are unable to afford a child’s needs and the child is younger than 18 years, you meet the eligibility criteria for this grant.

Disability Grant

The citizens of South Africa who are mentally or physically disabled can apply for this grant. If they are unable to continue their professional life for more than six months, they are eligible to apply. These should be between 18-59 years and should have 13-digit bar-coded identity papers.

War-Veterans Grant

For the soldiers who contributed to World War two or the Korean war, you can apply for this grant.


Is grant R700 increasing?

The official website has slammed the information regarding its grant of R 700, stating the rumors as false.