Sassa Srd Updated Payment Dates for 2024 - 2025

Sassa pays the candidates of South Africa every month on the payout dates. Check Sassa’s payments on dates for payouts.

Sassa Status Check for r350 Payment Dates

March 202405/03/202406/03/202407/03/2024
April 202404/04/202405/04/202406/04/2024
May 202403/05/202404/05/202405/05/2024
June 202402/06/202405/06/202406/06/2024
July 202404/07/202405/07/202406/07/2024
August 202402/08/202403/08/202404/08/2024
September 202405/09/202406/09/202407/09/2024
October 202403/10/202404/10/202405/10/2024
November 202402/11/202403/11/202406/11/2024
December 202401/12/202404/12/202405/12/2024
January 202503/01/202506/01/202507/01/2025
February 202504/02/202505/02/202506/02/2025
March 202504/03/202505/03/202506/03/2025

If you’re checking Sassa payments be aware that the payment dates are not fixed. They may get late a bit so that’s normal. But keep checking them so you don’t miss out!

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Where to collect SASSA Payments?

SASSA payments can be collected from different payment methods. Such As Pick n Pay, Shoprite, merchant point, your Bank account you provided, or the nearest Post Office. You may use your Sassa card to do shopping with the funds you got in your Sassa account.

SASSA Approved but no payment?