SASSA War Veterans Grant – How to Apply

The SASSA war veterans grant has helped millions of South Africans who participated in World War 2. It is a great benefit for those old veterans who can not support themselves or maintain a decent living through adequate income sources.

However, like any other grant, this one too has very strict eligibility criteria that you all must fulfill when applying for this grant. Otherwise, you will be deemed ineligible. Good for you, I have compiled all my knowledge into the following article so that you can get all the information you need from one source. Just make sure that you read till the end so that you won’t skip out on any important bit of information. With that being said, let’s get started!

SASSA war veterans grant

SASSA War Veterans Grant

About This Grant

If you are a South African Soldier who took part in the Second World War (1939 – 1940) then you may apply for the SASSA grant for war veterans. It is basically designed to support the brave veterans who are now, for some reason, unable to support themselves. This grant includes a small monthly payment that will cover your basic expenses and help you sustain an adequate old age.

Qualification Criteria For The SASSA Grant For War Veterans

There is a basic criterion that you must fulfill in order to be eligible for the SASSA grant for war veterans. This criterion requires you to be a permanent resident of South Africa. In fact, you must also be living in South Africa currently in order to qualify for this grant.

This grant also has age criteria for soldiers. You must be at least over the age of sixty or must be a disabled person. And most importantly, you must have taken part in the Second World War. Besides that, you must not be receiving any other social grant from SASSA or any other organization.

Apart from that, you must not be admitted to or cared for under any state institution otherwise, you will be rendered ineligible. Speaking about the financial aspect of this grant, you must not be earning more than R 86,280 if you are single or R 172,560 if you are married. Furthermore, you must not have financial assets with a worth of more than R 1,227,600 being single or R 2,455,200 being married.

What Amount Will You Get Under War Veterans SASSA Grant

Although the amount may vary from person to person depending upon your circumstances and your ability to support yourself, however, you will get a minimum of R 2,100 per month. Please note that if you are rendered ineligible for this grant at any time, you will immediately stop receiving any payments and the SASSA organization might press fraud charges against you for receiving funds under false pretenses.

How Will You Get Paid?

There are three ways in which you can get access to your funds every month. The first and easiest method is cash payments on specific dates. You will have to personally collect your money through cash points the day your funds are released. You may delay receiving your payment for a couple of days but not later than that. Always hurry in withdrawing your payments.

The second method is through electronic deposit. The amount you are entitled to receive will be directly deposited in your bank account or Postbank account, whichever you opt for in your application. Your money will be automatically deposited in your account every month. You will just have to visit the nearest ATM and withdraw your funds. However, keep in mind that the bank will cut some charges for providing you with its services.

And last but not least, you can receive your payments through a procurator appointed by you in your application. You will have to transfer the power of attorney to that person so that he can collect your funds for you on your behalf and then hand over the funds to you. This person may charge you for his services rendered or not depending upon the kind of relationship you have with that person.

Review Of Your SASSA Grant

It is totally up to SASSA to decide when your grant must be reviewed, if at all. It could be every year or every few months. However, they will tell you three months in advance about the date and timing of your grant review. It is basically designed to recheck whether you are still eligible for the grant. They will check your net worth and monthly income in order to access your eligibility.


How may your SASSA war veterans grant be suspended?

Your SASSA grant for war veterans may get suspended for a myriad of reasons. It could be when and if your circumstances change, as a result of the outcome of your grant review, due to fraud or misstatement of facts when applying for this grant, or your failure to cooperate with SASSA when your grant review is in process.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side. I hope you all enjoyed reading through this article. I tried my best to provide you with all the information that you may have needed about the war veterans grant by SASSA. It is a great relief for old war veterans who can not support basic living for themselves. However, it is imperative for you to be a South African resident throughout the period of the grant or for as long as you keep receiving your payments.